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There are two "GOTO" functions. Both of them have the same effect. They set the value of the "Now" variable to reflect the raw time of the spot the "GotoSearch" or "GotoSearchNext" functions have located. These two functions use the Search Filter in order to locate the requested destination. Therefore, the "ResetFilter", "SetFilterKind" and "SetFilterRange" functions are called first to set up the search criteria before calling the "GotoSearch" function. If this is done in CAL, a dummy argument is added to the "GotoSearch" function to suppress the filter setup dialog box just as we have to do when using the "EditInterpolate" function. If the argument is left out, the user is shown the filter setup box and asked to make all filter selections at run time. The "GotoSearchNext" function uses the criteria established for the "GotoSearch" function and repeats the search to locate the next occurrence of a valid result. Needless to say, you would first call the "GotoSearch" function with the calls to the filter setup functions, and then to continue searching for "more of the same", call the "GotoSearchNext" function for each additional search. If you have ever used these features in Cakewalk or in a word processor or whatever, then you should get the idea.

(GotoSearch dialog)
Supplying a value for the argument "dialog" will suppress the display of the filter setup dialog screen. The value can be anything at all, though the traditional value is 1. In this event, the "ResetFilter" function must be run beforehand along with however many instances of the "SetFilterKind" and "SetFilterRange" functions are necessary to establish the search criteria. All should be called using a value of 1 for the "type" argument so CAL knows to access the "Search Filter". If you prefer to allow the user to set the search criteria at run time, leave out the "dialog" argument and this will tell CAL to provide the user with the search filter setup dialog screen when this function executes. The result of calling this function will be the setting of the "Now" variable to the first instance within the sequence that matches the search criteria.
There are no arguments for this function. Calling this function sets the "Now" variable to the next instance within the sequence that matches the search criteria established for the "GotoSearch" function. It goes without saying that the "GotoSearch" function must be set up and run first before making one or more calls to this function as follow-up.
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