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By D. Glen Cardenas

Copyright 1999 By D. Glen Cardenas

*** Covers CAL from Cakewalk Ver 3 Through Sonar Ver 2 ***

For Beginners and Experts - A Source of Facts, Tips and Examples to Answer the Questions That Can't be Found in Any of the Documentation or Other Tutorials.

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Please Read This...

The information contained in this document's text area is very important to the overall understanding of the topic. It isn't enough for the reader to go to the index, look up a function by name, follow the link to that function and expect to have the whole scene covered right there. CAL is riddled with exceptions, amendments and quirks that are an important part of the overall understanding of the language. Many of these necessary bits of information appear only in the text areas of this document and are not always repeated in detail within the definitions of each function to which they apply. To do so would be impractical at best. When possible, I provide links to those areas of the text where important supplemental information resides, but to assure yourself of getting the whole story as far as I have been able to tell it, it's vital that you read ALL of the pages in this document. To do otherwise goes against the whole purpose of my writing it. Thanks for logging on, and enjoy the adventure. To pursue is as gratifying as to achieve!

D. Glen Cardenas -- March 29, 1998

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