Our first Christmas in our new home.

For the first time in my life (as an adult) I elected to put lights up on a
house. It's a good thing the new house is deeper than it is wide. As a
result, it didn't take too many strings to cover the front. This shot is a
hand-held timed exposure with fill flash from across the street.
Here is the family room all set up for Christmas. Even the Tortoise's
Terrarium is decked out for the holidays. The tortoise himself was
rather unimpressed. 
This shot shows the tree just before the hordes descended upon it. The large red box to the right is my new table saw. Most of the rest are, of course, for Robert.
Robert and Missy getting ready to make short work of the finely wrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas Morning.
Mary has just received the best gift a mom can get - a hand made book from Robert. A true keepsake!

Grandma checks out a new sweater.



Robert is checking
out a couple of WWF
action figures. He also
made off with several
computer games, a
skate board N64 stuff,
books... Well, there
isn't room for a full
listing. Let's just say
he did OK.
Robert and Gramps look over the
day's spoils. Adults dig new clothes.
Boys froth at the mouth at the idea
of any sort of gift that isn't a toy.


Missy and Mike show off for Christmas. I don't think Mike liked
his bow. At this time, Missy was an only cat. Maxx had just died
about a month before and it would be another month before
Shadow would join the family.
Mary shows off
her New Year's
eve outfit as we get ready to head down to the Landing on the River Walk and ring in the new year with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band.