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The Main event for a kid in the early spring is the Easter basket full of candy that makes you sick, toys that brake before you can even play with them and new clothes you hate to wear. Yet, somehow, kids still look forward to it and manage to have fun during Easter just the same. Here, Robert is inspecting his basket of goodies to see if it meets the minimum requirements to warrant a "thank you" to his grand mother for her kind efforts. They did.easter.jpg (37160 bytes)

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Now that school is out, more time can be devoted to the real mission of kidhood - sending the X-Men into battle through the remote control console that adults think is just another coin eating black hole at the arcade. How little adults know!

suit2.jpg (27049 bytes)One other important event took place this spring. It was Robert's First Communion. Here the young spud is showing off his first "real" suit with a tie and everything!

family.jpg (47039 bytes)Dad and son are both decked out in new duds for the day. Here is a family group shot of Robert with his father, Juan, his stepdad, Glen and his mom, Mary.


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Another main feature of Spring is birthday time. Robert had his 8th birthday party at his holiest shrine - a video arcade called Larsland (jah, you betcha). The kids made an absolute mess of the birthday table and their cloths. More frosting made it onto their shirts than into their mouths, and the fate of the blue fruit punch? Don't ask! Let's just say that people are to this day still sticking to the floor around that table!

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