Halloween - 1997

Taking a ghoul out for the night can be a strange experience. First, you have to keep the blood from getting on the car seat. Second, you have to keep track of the amount of prizes it wins so as not to make the other monsters of the night angry. Another thing is to make sure that simple things like a horse doesn't scare your ghoul more than the ghoul scares you!



Yeah, well HO HO HO!

Christmas in Corpus Christi with the "Grandfolks". Shot 1 is Mary lounging next to the tree. Shot 2 is Robert being Santa to his great aunt Gerry. Shot 3 is Gramps opening his new CD changer. Shot 4 is of the two sisters, Tomie (grandmom) and Gerry, trying to agree on how to make a day bed. The bottom shot is Robert and Glen sitting down to stuff their faces.

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