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You would never suspect...

This is Salado Creek about a mile down stream from where we lived at the time. As you can see, it's only about 4 feet deep in this shot taken 2 days after the flood. Most of the time it's about 4 feet wide, 6 inches deep and doesn't cover the road. The Saturday of the flood, it was over 35 feet deep completely submerged the Austin Highway bridge to the left and was about a quarter mile wide. The trailer dealership just above that car was covered and the white trailers in the background are gutted.creek.JPG (30460 bytes)

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Here is a view of the Austin Highway underpass from creek level. Note the white plastic chair wedged under the roadbed where the water left it as it rose over the bridge.
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Ira Lee Road runs next to the creek. We lived on this lane about a mile further up. As you can see, the utility wires snagged some debris as the water rose above the poles. A small stable just up the road lost over 40 horses to the rising waters which filled the creek from 3 feet deep to over 35 feet deep in only about 15 minutes. They only had time to save about a dozen animals before everything else was swept away!

Any Closer Would Have Been Too Close For Us!

We were lucky in that Salado Creek over- flowed its banks beyond the apartment complex where we lived at the time. It started spilling over about a hundred feet down stream.   Right across our front gate and down about 100 feet, we saw the police removing a body. The man had been carried off from his car almost 20 miles upstream and had to be cut free from trees that had snagged him in their upper branches. A block over, a convenience store was very suddenly washed away along with the cars of its employees and customers. The gathering crowd pulled bottles of beer and pop from the water as they floated by and stood around drinking them as they watched an army helicopter attempt to rescue people from the roof of the quickly disintegrating store. The attempt failed!

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