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Here is a collection of links of various types that you might find useful, informative or entertaining. If you have a suggestion for a link that you feel would be good to have on this page, email me at:

and let me look at it. I can't promise I'll post it, but if I like it, I will.


The Obvious

Cakewalk : Home page for the company that brings you CAL and the great MIDI/digital audio production software that uses it.

My email address : Feel free to drop me a line about CAL, links or whatever else strikes you to discuss with me.

Floating Point Productions : The web site devoted to my small corner of the world where I generate music and web content.

DGC Music Page : This is a web site I maintain to promote my music and my CD.

IDE Vs. SCSI Bus Mastering for DAWs : An article written by myself and Josť Catens discussing the aspects of disk drives that effect performance in Digital Audio Workstations. Published by Audio Amigo.



Sources of Information

Print Magazines:

Keyboard Magazine : Web site for this preeminent magazine for musicians, producers and music professionals.

Mix Magazine : On-line version of this magazine aimed at the pro and semi-pro audio and production market.

Guitar Player : Home page to the most widely read magazine devoted to the guitar and those who play it.


On-Line Magazines: : Bi-lingual English/Spanish on-line publication for the recording professional and hobbits. : One of the internet's leading sources of information and opinion in the field of digital audio production.

ComposingRecordingMastering : Info and advice on recording and DAW computers. : Not yet up and running, but as soon as it goes on-line, you'll want to be there!



Cakewalk CAL News Group : No better place to keep up with fellow CAL heads.

Cakewalk Audio News Group : Cakewalk Pro Audio users need to check in here on a regular basis for info, advice, bug reports and updates.

PC-DAW from : As far as I'm concerned, this is the best news group to monitor if you want good information and advice in the field of professional PC based digital audio.


Good Advice:

Digital Domain : A CD mastering outfit in Orlando, Florida that hosts this web site filled with information about digital recording and mastering.



Personal Home Pages

D. Glen Cardenas : My personal/family web site. Drop in and enjoy a short story, poem or some of my award winning fine art photography.

Alan Myers : A member of the Cakewalk development team and keeper of a good site for Cakewalk, CAL, MIDI, computing, guitar and general music information and links.

John S. Allen : John is a fellow CAL head who also hosts a CAL information site. Well worth looking at.

Mehmet Okonsar : A talented musician and CAL type who has a bit of experience using the (DLL) function and writing his own DLL files.

Joseph L. Monzo : Joe has written some interesting CAL programs, and this web page has one of them.



Cool Places To Go

Listed Alphabetically : A great place to find MP3 downloads and also a host to lots of great musician/band home pages (like mine <g>). : This web site offers a range of info and services for the musician and independent producer.

Deep Space Records : The home of Keni Fink (The Outcast) featuring his music and recording business. : Equipment and info for the MIDI player.

Mission A/V : On-line store for the electronic musician. : Good prices, good people, good service. : Source for MP3 music and band home pages.

Sites and Sound Links : A web site full of links that musicians will find useful.



MIDI and Audio Sound Cards

Listed Alphabetically