Robert Pelaez - A Peek Into A Boy's World


Robert is much like most boys at age 11. He likes any super hero, good guy or bad guy, and loves to make them do battle complete with sound effects and dialog. This is no problem except when he chooses to carry on one of these battles while the "grown-ups" are trying to talk, watch TV, drive or some other totally unnecessary distraction. At times like these, he's asked to keep the sounds in his head, but this only lasts for a few moments. At some point, he must be redirected in his thinking with what ever threat or promise will work. If it's not super heroes, it's the DAMN Gameboy with all of its whoops and pings. He has been convinced that leaving the sound set to zero will extend the life of his batteries, and so there is hope for quiet sometimes even at the height of castle storming. These things aside, he's not too hard to deal with. Well, OK. So it takes an act of God to get him to pay attention or remember what he's been asked to do for longer than 15 seconds, but there it is. He's a kid. What do you want?

One very good sign is that he likes to read. This is a blessing for a child in this day. Most kids just sit in front of the TV, but Robert likes to read. Granted, they're mostly comic books but it's reading and he has kept ahead of his age level with a strong vocabulary in reading which is great news. Some time is also spent on his computer playing CD ROM games or logging on to an on-line adventure game on the net. His computer games are mostly learning and adventure stuff, and as a result, he has gained a frightening grasp of Windows 98. He has his own system that Glen built for him. 

By and large, he is a good student, an extremely loving and gentle natured boy and is bound to be a lady's man. The reason this seems so obvious is that, first, he is always being pursued by the little girls, even those a grade higher than he (ah, older women!) and second, because he HATES girls. This can only lead to a much stronger attraction! Time will tell. As it stands, he is making all of the proper "macho" preparations. Namely he studied Korean Kuk Sool Won martial arts for a time. He currently holds the rank of red belt. Before being awarded his red belt, he had to prove himself worthy of the blue belt by breaking a board (see photos below). He also did a tour of duty as a Cub Scout (the old "Men in Uniform" trick). 


Robert gets his board! There is no getting around the fact he got a real kick out of meeting that challenge.

Here is the payoff. Robert is being presented his blue belt to replace the yellow belt of his former rank.

So what does Robert want to do with his life? From the perspective of a kid, you can imagine the answers are, at times, humorous. For example, he first wanted to be a writer but knowing he has to work at something else to make money while he writes, his answer was to "be a person who works on swimming pools" to get by. Where this idea came from, well, who knows. There was a time when he wanted to be both a doctor and a vet at the same time and saw no reason why this wouldn't be possible. After all, both do the same things, right? He has also wanted to be a cop, a painter (he was especially inspired after meeting the guy who draws Spiderman at a toys and comics fair), and a few other odd and assorted professions. Hard to say which will win out. Sometimes it seems that if he has his way, he'll be a super hero himself. This may explain why the toy he got during his seventh birthday party that he loved the most was a Luke Skywalker light saber (see photo below). May the force be with us all! More recently, he's been going after the WWF wrestler action figures and N64 games. If he ever gains an interest in politics, Jesse Ventura will have to move over.

The ROBERT Gallery...

To the left is young Robert at age 7 looking outright studly, in an almost Bond-ish sort of way (eat your heart out Ms. Moneypenny)

On the right is a shot during his 7th birthday party. Below a shot from his 8th birthday party.

party8-2.jpg (37444 bytes)
Left is a shot of Robert showing off an award winning collage he made in 4th grade for a district-wide art exhibit.

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