For starters, it must go on record that Mary didn’t want to have a page. She would just as soon not put her "business all over the net" as she puts it. Christ! You’d think that she had some sort of high level post with the National Security Council or something. Let’s be real here. Mary is a down to earth sort of gal with nothing any more sensitive to hide about her life than perhaps her last diet violation. She just likes keeping to the background, that’s all. But being undaunted by this cloak of humility, a page about Mary will be written anyway! So here it is.

Perhaps the place to start is to say that Mary is Glen’s wife, Robert’s mom and the cats lap of choice. She’s a CPA with a local San Antonio firm, having studied hard and passing her CPA license exam in 1997 with the distinction of being part of that 12% of all applicants to pass every element of the license exam on the first try. She is currently working towards a Masters in Tax Accounting at UTSA, taking advantage of her GI benefits. She figures she might as well get something useful from her two years in the Army. Upon completion she will hold two Masters degrees, her first being in French from Purdue University. As a matter of background, she did spend some time in France, is rather fluent in the language and from time to time can be found reading a novel in French or watching a French film ignoring the subtitles. She also has a command of German after living there for a while as well.

This is about all she will let the world know about her, and, perhaps to her pleasure, is about all there is to say except that for distraction she likes to read, swim, run and cuddle (though not necessarily in that order). You see; that wasn’t too painful, now was it, Mary?

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